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Dr. R. Jagadeesh 
PGDM Chairperson
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Ms. Sone Selvavinayagam
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Semester/trimester wise list of all subjects along with the faculty member
Term Course Title Credits Faculty Name
I Financial Accounting 3 Dr. M. Sriram
Fundamentals of Data Analytics 3 Dr. G. Srilakshminarayana
Human Resources Management 3 Dr. Nilanjan Sengupta
Dr. Mousumi Sengupta
Information Technology for Management 3 Prof. Mohamed Minhaj
Managerial Communication - 1 (Presentation Skills) 2 Dr. Neetu Ganapathy
Marketing Management – 1 3 Dr. H. Gayathri
Micro Economics 3 Dr. Venkatraja B
II Advanced Data Analytics 3 Dr. Srilakshminaryana
Corporate Finance 3 Dr. Ullas Rao
Ethics & Values in Management 3 Prof. N.R. Govinda Sharma
Knowledge Seminar 1 Col. Prasad  S N
Management Accounting 3 Dr. M. Sriram
Management Information Systems 3 Prof. Malathi Sriram
Managerial Communication -2 (Written Communication and Case Analysis) 2 Dr. Neetu Ganapathy
Production & Operations Management 3 Dr. R.Jagadeesh
Understanding People in Organizations   Dr. Nilanjan Sengupta &
Dr. Mousumi Sengupta
III Business Law 2  
Corporate Finance – II 2  
Decision Modelling and Optimization 3  
International Business 3  
Logistics & Supply Chain Management 3  
Macro Economics 3  
Marketing Research 3  
Organizational Dynamics 3  
Socially Relevant Project 2  
Term IV Course Title Credits Faculty Name
FINANCE Financial Derivatives 3 Dr. N.R.Parasuraman
Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management 3 Dr. Ullas Rao
Investment Banking 2 Prof. Skanda Jayaraman (VF)
SYSTEMS Managing Software Projects 3 Prof. Malathi Sriram
  Social Media, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud 1 Prof. Malathi Sriram
HRM Advanced Recruitment & Selection 3 Dr. Nilanjan Sengupta
Compensation Management 3 Dr. Mousumi Sengupta
Performance Management 3 Prof. S.N. Prasad
OPERATIONS Services Operations Management 3 Prof. Rajendra Todalbagi
  Strategic Quality Management 3 Dr. R. Jagadeesh
MARKETING Brand Management & Integrated Marketing Communication 4 Prof. Ravishankar
Managing Services 3 Prof. R. Sugant
Product Management 3 Dr. M.R. Suresh
Sales & Distribution Management 3 Prof. Jayakrishnan.S
GENERAL Leadership for Global Citizenship - *SC 2 Dr. R. Balasubramaniam (VF)
GENERAL Business Policy & Strategic Management 3 Prof. N.R.Govinda Sharma
*SC = Seminar Course    
Term V
FINANCE Banking & Financial Institutions 3 Prof. Padmalatha Suresh (VF)
Business Analysis & Valuation-*SC 3 Prof. Rajesh Madhavan (VF)
Project Appraisal 2 Dr. N.R.Parasuraman
SYSTEMS E Business 3 Prof. Mohd. Minhaj
Enterprise Resource Planning 3 Dr. Neetu Ganapathy
IT Outsourcing – Trends & Strategies 2 Prof. Mohd. Minhaj
HRM Organizational Development 3 Dr. Nilanjan Sengupta
International HRM 3 Dr. Mousumi Sengupta
OPERATIONS Lean and Green Management 3 Prof. Rajendra Todalbagi
  Project Management 3 Prof. Jaideep Gupte
  Production, Planning & Control 3 Prof. Jaideep Gupte
MARKETING Business Negotiation 3 Dr. H. Gayathri
Business Marketing 3 Prof. R. Sugant
Digital Marketing (Internet Marketing) 2 Prof. Jayakrishnan
GENERAL Leadership for Global Citizenship 2 Dr. R. Balasubramaniam (VF)
GENERAL CORE Global Markets & Strategic Perspectives 3 Dr. M.R.Suresh
*SC = Seminar Course    
Term VI      
FINANCE Mergers & Acquisitions 3  
International Finance 3  
Strategic Financial Management 2  
Seminar on Behavioral Finance 0  
Contemporary Issues in International Business & Finance 0  
SYSTEMS Business Intelligence 3  
Business Data Management 3  
IT Strategies for Startups 1  
IT Audit and Governance 1  
HRM Human Capital Management 2  
Labour Laws & IR 2  
Talent Management 3  
Workplace Learning and Development 2  
OPERATIONS Technology Management & Innovation 3  
Project Management 3  
MARKETING Consumer Behaviour 2  
Retail Management 3  
GENERAL Communication Strategies for Leaders 1  
  Crisis Communication 1  
  Entrepreneurship 2  
*SC = Seminar Course    
Socially Relevant Project 2 All First Year Students
Summer Internship Project 3 All Second Year Students
Corporate Wellness 2 All Second Year Students
Knowledge Seminars & Book Review 2 All Second Year Students 

Socially Relevant Project

All the first year students are required to undertake a project titled Socially Relevant Project (SRP) in the third term. This course is a compulsory TWO CREDIT requirement for completion of PGDM program.
The Objectives of SRP are to:

  1. Sensitize students to Social Issues
  2. Instil and develop ethics, social responsibility and philanthropy – values which the SDM Trust is reputed for
  3. Expose students to non- corporate organizations, government departments, NGOs to help them understand the application of management concepts and principles to social issues
  4. To serve like a curtain raiser to students who might consider Social Entrepreneurship as a career option

Summer Internship Project

The SIP is a 2 credit course and is designed to provide the PGDM student with an opportunity to work and gain first-hand exposure to the environment, work culture and processes that prevail in real-life organizations. Based on the learning of the first three terms of the program, the student is equipped with the conceptual skills, but lacks the experience of putting this learning into practice. SIP provides the intern an opportunity of learning and decision-making.

SDMIMD requires that every student undergoes such an experiential learning process at the end of the first year of the PGDM program. The SIP duration is 6 to 8 weeks during the months of April and May. The Placement Cell will help the students in finding suitable summer projects and will also provide necessary guidance in completing their assignment. Students may be allowed to source a SIP on their own provided the project details meet the requirement of the Institute. In such a case, the concerned organization should provide a written communication to the Institute before a specified date confirming the project.