Corporate Management Development Programme (CMDP) for the Rane Group of Companies

The fourth batch of 32 participants from the Rane Group of companies took part in the Corporate Management Development Programme (CMDP), at SDMIMD, on June 24th and 25th, 2024. The CEO of Rane Madras, Mrs. Gowri Kailasam, and the Director of SDMIMD, Dr. S.N. Prasad, inaugurated the CMDP sessions on the Young Leadership Development Program.
During the inaugural address, Mrs. Gowri Kailasam emphasized the significance of learning and development as a means of advancing in the manufacturing sector for the selected employees. The top management of the Rane Group implemented these programs, underscoring their seriousness. Dr. S.N. Prasad stressed the importance of leadership, managerial styles, and developing decision-making skills. The program was supervised by Dr. Nanda Kishore Shetty, Chairperson of MDP/FDP and Company-Specific Programs at SDMIMD, Mysore.

CMDP for Wurth Electronics employees

The Corporate Management Development Program (CMDP) was conducted for the first batch of 18 participants from Wuerth Electronic. The CMDP sessions started from June 27th, 2022, to October 10th, 2022, at the SDMIMD and Wuerth Elektronik Mysore campuses. A workshop was organized on August 4, 2023, at SDMIMD which marked the conclusion of CMDP.
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