Club Data Tech

“Club DataTech”, the students’ Data Analytics club of SDMIMD was established with an objective to act as a backbone for all the data analytics related activities at the Institute. It was formed with an objective to provide students an opportunity to assimilate, learn, and distribute wisdom related to the contemporary developments in data analytics. It meets this by producing newsletters, organizing the guest lectures, quizzes, conducting intra-college events etc. Also, the club actively conducts Pre-placement activities (PPA) via conducting workshops on contemporary developments to the students.
Committee Members:
PGDM-2019-21 (Second Year)
Adarsh BS-19004
Aman Kumar- 19066
Kanna Naga Puzvika-19143
Nilesh Kumar- 19093
Samarth NM-19046
Shashank G-19048
Suhas V- 19158

PGDM 2020-22 (First Year)
Sanjana Nanda Kishore- 20158
Devisetty Surya Praveen-20016                 
Harishkumar H.R. -20141           
Hrudhay Narayan-20022                 
Suhail Ahmed-20116