FDP on Hands-on Data Analysis Using ‘R’ in Journal Publication

With the developments in technology and methods, it has become essential for the teaching fraternity to update themselves on the same and adopt the learnings in teaching as well as journal publication. We note two such developments in the context of journal publication. The first one is, introduction of the data analysis tool ‘R’, which is non-commercial and a good replacement for many commercial data analysis tools, used for analysing the research data. Another development is, reporting the results of the data analysis in the journal publications. Journal editors and reviewers expect that the results are reported as per the standards and other supporting measures are reported along with them. For example, reporting Cohen’s D in hypothesis testing. 
These two aspects seem to be different but not so. One can use R for data analysis and the results obtained can be reported in the journal publications as per the required standards. Hence, there is a need to integrate the two and taking this into consideration, SDMIMD is organizing a two-day faculty development programme (FDP) that integrates both the aspects. 

Objectives of the FDP
  1. To introduce and make participants understand the importance of ‘R’ in Research.
  2. To provide hands-on experience in using R for research data analysis.
  3. To make participants interpret and report the results of data analysis suitable for a journal requirement.

Taking into consideration the objectives of the FDP, we have planned to cover the following during the two-day programme.
  1. Data import to R and basic data analysis.
  2. Introduce the built-in functions in R and use the same for analysing the research data.
  3. Construction of hypothesis and testing the same using the built-in functions in R for      t-test, ANOVA, Chi-square test etc.
  4. Making participants understand the importance of reporting measures such as Cohen’s D etc., along with the results of the hypothesis testing in a journal paper.
  5. Linear regression analysis using R.
  6. Open sessions for discussions on specific issues related to application of Statistical methods.

Participants will be receiving reading material on R prior to the programme (only for registered participants) and the same can be used to prepare for the FDP. This will help the participants to have a basic understanding of R, be aware of the topics covered and come prepared to the programme. 
Software and systems during the programme
The software ‘R’ will be installed to the systems available at the computer centre and participants will be using the same during the programme. In case few participants need the software to be installed in their personal laptops, help will be provided.

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Proposed fee: Rs. 2,500

Payment Procedure

Option 1: Payment may be made in the form of DD/Cheque drawn in favour of “Director, SDM Institute for Management Development”, payable at Mysore.
Option 2: Participants may also avail the facility of Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) using the following account numbers:
The Federal Bank Ltd
Branch Mysore, Jayalakshmi Puram
Beneficiary: SDM Institute for Management Development
SB A/C: 16890100038823
IFSC Code: FDRL0001689

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