Pre Conference Keynote address
Prof S.N.Hegde
Former Vice Chancellor, University of Mysore
Pre Conference Session Speakers
Dr Kabaly P Subramaniam
Faculty of Business Studies, Arab Open University, Oman
Topic: Theory Building Research
Dr K.A Venkatesh
Professor, Myanmar Institute of Information Technology, Myanmar
Topic: Data Envelopment Analysis using R
Prof S.R Viswanath
Professor of Finance, School of Management and Entrepreneurship, Shiv Nadar University
Topic: How to publish papers in major finance journals

Conference Keynote address
Dr.Prasanna Chandra
Director-Centre for Financial Management, Bangalore
Conference Technical Session Speakers
Mr Bharath Ram Lokkur
Managing Director
Lokkur Investment Advisors Private Limited
Mr Girnaryanan G
Partner-‘Your HR Buddy’
Topic: Leadership Beyond Finance
Secretary and Treasurer,
Project Management Institute,
Bangalore Chapter, India

Valedictory Distinguished Speakers
Mr.V. S. Manimaran
Chairman & Managing Director
Visskan Aviation Private Limited, Bengaluru
Mr. Gautham Srinivasan
Chief Financial Officer
Visskan Aviation Private Limited, Bengaluru

Number of Visitors