About the Conference

Economies are showing symptoms of recession thanks to trade war between the top two nations and sudden outbreak of dreaded virus impacting the growth of countries. This development has had cascading effects across countries in the globe. U.K is in the final path to exit from European Union. U.S is adopting all fiscal and monetary measures like reducing the interest rate to zero and reduction of corporate taxes to rejig its economy. Similar efforts are also undertaken by emerging economies like India. The Indian economy is at crossroads as bulging NPAs and poor governance in banks combined with staggered demand have become impediments to growth and recovery. The absence of confidence for Corporate India for fresh capital investments have only added to the misery. Though efforts are all aimed at reviving the growth, the economy remains the epicentre for all investment activities. The dynamics of corporate finance and the functioning of capital markets are expected to change in this vulnerable scenario. The conference provides a platform for discussing the aforesaid issues.

Enthused with resounding success of the earlier finance conferences, the Institute takes pleasure in announcing their 9th finance conference on 11th and 12th September,2020