MDP on Business Strategy in the Post Covid Era

Brief Introduction

In the ongoing and the expected aftermath of the Covid 19 pandemic, the dynamics of doing business have changed. In that, the supply chains, the prioritization of demand and supply, working culture,focus on development of new areas of business have seen a dimensional change. For example, even 2-3 years earlier, we in India would not have imagined that entire businesses from end to end could be run remotely through online interactions, we were not ready yet for using the recent technologies in place of face-to-face interactions as part of profession and the post-Covid months have become a second-coming for the IT& internet enabled products and services to enter into all aspects of life. Further, the user level demands for IT, FMCG, financials, pharma/healthcare have taken these companies to another level as compared to other sectors, while sectors like the automobiles, infrastructure, capital goods etc. have become over sensitive to news and rumors. Though there have been questions on the sustainability of globalization in these times, the globalized transactions have changed in nature, the exchanges have become more need based. These changes have entailed several changes in the nature and style of doing business across the world and in India. The number of start-ups turning in to unicorns in India have increased in the past one year than before for similar intervals. The common man, whether English/computer literate or not, is now equipping oneself to face the new world. This MDP endeavours to capture these changes and present it to the discerning learners in 4 interactive sessions to reflect and deduce business strategy in the future.

Objective(s) of the Program

  • To sensitize the learners to the changes in the businesses in the Covid era which may remain so in the future.
  • To study 2-3 real life case studies of businesses which have excelled in spite of the Covid effects.
  • To assess the possible changes in the marketing, production and financial operations in business post Covid era.
  • To become alert to the possible changes in people management, managing the new knowledge worker in the post-Covid era.

Targeted Audience: Working Executives, Business owners, Entrepreneurs, Management faculty, students and interested learners.

Faculty Resource: Dr. Prasad SN & Prof. L. Gandhi