MDP on Predictive Analytics for Business Decision Making

Brief Introduction

Predictive analytics is a process that adopts advanced analytics, through which future predictions of unknown events are made. It uses techniques from data mining, statistics, modelling, machine learning and artificial intelligence.
Among these, statistical methods play an important role in model building, validating the assumptions and testing the hypotheses. They help the decision makers to understand the past and current, to predict the future. With developments in technology, it has become easy for the decision makers to use the techniques with ease. But it is very important to choose a right method and check all the technical aspects before adopting the method. Also, appropriate diagnosis process has to be adopted, to resolve the issues arising with the data. Hence, a formal training that discusses each of these is essential. Taking this requirement, we have designed the program.
The Program is designed for those who are interested in learning the methods used for making predictions. The program aims at introducing the predictive methods and providing the participants a complete understanding of the methods. In-depth details of each method will be presented, and appropriate data sets will be used for providing the hands-on experience.

Objective(s) of the Program

  • To introduce various predictive techniques and discuss their relevance in business decision making
  • To provide complete hands-on experience and give the technical details associated with each of the methods. Also, diagnosis for the violation
  • We cover the traditional methods in detail, including the recent developments and discuss each method in detail.

Targeted Audience:Corporates, Practitioners and others who are looking for the predictive modelling techniques

Faculty Resource: Dr. Srilakshminarayana G

Instructions: Case-based pedagogy and some amount of data mapping using appropriate analytical tools.

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