In this edition Mr. Akash T.K. of PGDM 2012-14 Batch share his experience during Summer Intership Program carried out at Shanghai Tofflon Science & Technology Co., Ltd, Shanghai, China.

Getting practical experience during the internship abroad is a great way to diversify one’s work experience and distinguish you amongst an increasingly saturated pool. And if the work experience happens to be in China it can make a BIG difference to your résumé.

Working 10 hours a day interning for a B2B organization was a great learning experience. An interesting fact about the work culture was the general meeting for half an hour, at the beginning of the day, the Organization had with all the teams to review what has be done and schedule of what has to be done for the day.

It required quite a bit of effort and time from me, to get acclimatized to the new environment. Crossing the road or buying things in the supermarket or counting the numbers were suddenly difficult. I used my translators often. I found this stimulating. It ranged from seeing all the signs in Chinese, needing to speak Mandarin, and trying to find my way around the city to drinking a lot more tea.

The experience in Shanghai gave me a greater awareness of cultural differences. One of the things that I noticed was business lunches. During a working meal in a team, a single person would buy enough food to completely fill the table and would go out of his or her way to ensure everyone ate as much as possible.

Akash T K 
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