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Campus News

Trends in Capital Market – Invited Talk

Sri. Bharath Ram, Managing Director, Lokkur Investment Advisors Pvt Ltd, delivered invited talk on Current Trends in Indian Capital Market on September 7, 2018. The technical session talk was well received both by the participants of 7th International Finance Conference on Emerging Trends in Finance and PGDM 2017-2019 Batch. 

Talk on ‘Leadership Beyond Finance’ by Sri. Girinarayan

Sri. Girinarayan, Partner, Your HR Buddy, addressed SDMites and conference participants of 7th International Finance Conference on Emerging Trends in Finance and Accounts on September 7, 2018 on the topic of Leadership Beyond Finance.

Invited talk on ‘Emerging Trends in Business Strategy’

Dr. Kabaly P Subramanian, Assistant Professor - Business Studies, Arab Open University and Adjunct Professor, VIT University, was the invited speaker to deliver on Emerging Trends in Business Strategy to PGDM 2017-2019 Batch on September 7, 2018. Dr. Kabaly gave an overview on how the big companies are creating value for their customers by innovative business strategies. Further, the speaker quoting the initiatives from Google, TATA, Microsoft, etc. and experiential learnings from various eminent personalities made the topic clearer on how the vision of creating something valuable for the people help companies to sustain for a longer run. Dr. Kabaly opined that future managers must always keep in mind while developing business strategies on how our decisions help in creating value for others.

‘Data Analysis using R’ – Invited Talk

Dr. K.A. Venkatesh, Professor, Myanmmar Institute of Information Technology, demonstrated the working on ‘Data Envelopment Analysis’ using R software and discussed the application of R in finance research. The talk was organized as part of the Pre-Conference workshop on Emerging Trends in Finance and Accounting, held on September 6, 2018.