List of Courses for Term 1 to Term 6 during the Academic Year 2019-20

TermSl No.Course Title Credits 
11Financial Reporting & Analysis2
2Fundamentals of Data Analysis  2
3Human Resources Management 3
4Information Technology for Management3
5Managerial Communication – 1 2
6Marketing Management 3
7 Microeconomics  2
8Operations Management3
Term – I Total Credits
21Advanced Data Analysis 3
2Business Ethics Governance & Social Responsibilities 3
3Corporate Finance – I2
4Management Accounting & Cost control 2
5Management Information System3
6Managerial Communications – II2
7Marketing Management – II2
8Understanding People in Organizations 3
9Socially Relevant Project 2
Term – II Total Credits
3 1Corporate Finance – II2
2International Business 2
3Knowledge Seminar 2
4Project Management3
5Macroeconomics 3
6 Marketing Research 2
7Organizational Dynamics  2
Term – III Total Credits
Total Core Credits in First Year
TermAreaSl No. Course Title Credits
4Finance1Financial Derivatives 3
2Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management 3
3Micro Finance  3
4Financial Institutions and Markets3
Systems5Managing Software Projects 3
6 Business Database Management Systems 3
7Data Analysis using R3
Operations 8Services Operations Management3
Marketing 9Services Marketing3
10Sales and Distribution Management 3
11Integrated Marketing Communication 3
12Marketing of High Technology Products  2
13Strategic Marketing 3
HR 14Organizational Change & Development 3
15Compensation Management 3
16Work Place Learning & Development3
General 17Indian Economic & Policy Environment 3
General Core 18Strategic Management3
Term IV Total Credits
5Finance1Project Appraisal 2
2Mergers & Acquisitions 3
3International Finance3
4Advanced Corporate Finance & Analytics 3
Systems5Enterprise Resource Planning3
6Business Intelligence 3
7BIG Data Technologies 3
Operations 8 Project Management  3
9Strategic Quality Management 3
Marketing 10 Business Marketing 3
11 Customer Relationship Management2
12 Retail Management 3
13 Digital Marketing 2
14Sustainable Enterprises macro Marketing Dimensions 2
HR 15 Advanced Recruitment & Selection  3
16 International HRM 3
17 Performance Management3
General 18 Business Negotiation Skills 2
Term V Total Credits 
6Finance1Behavioural Finance 2
2Corporate Tax Planning 2
3Contemporary Issues in International Business & Finance  2
Systems4Social Media, Mobility, Analytics & Cloud2
5E-Business 3
Operations 6 Business Processing Modelling 3
7Technology Management & Innovation 3
Marketing 8 Consumer Behaviour  2
HR 9Emotional Intelligence and Understanding Self 3
10Talent Management 3
11HR Metrics and Analytics 3
Business Analytics 12Machine Learning in Practice 3
General Core 13 Entrepreneurship 2
14Doing Business in Emerging Markets 2
Term VI Total Credits

Socially Relevant Project

All the first year students are required to undertake a project titled Socially Relevant Project (SRP) in the third term. This course is a compulsory TWO CREDIT requirement for completion of PGDM program.
The Objectives of SRP are to:

  1. Sensitize students to Social Issues
  2. Instil and develop ethics, social responsibility and philanthropy – values which the SDM Trust is reputed for
  3. Expose students to non- corporate organizations, government departments, NGOs to help them understand the application of management concepts and principles to social issues
  4. To serve like a curtain raiser to students who might consider Social Entrepreneurship as a career option

Summer Internship Project

The SIP is a 3 credit course and is designed to provide the PGDM student with an opportunity to work and gain first-hand exposure to the environment, work culture and processes that prevail in real-life organizations. Based on the learning of the first three terms of the program, the student is equipped with the conceptual skills, but lacks the experience of putting this learning into practice. SIP provides the intern an opportunity of learning and decision-making.

SDMIMD requires that every student undergoes such an experiential learning process at the end of the first year of the PGDM program. The SIP duration is 6 to 8 weeks during the months of April and May. The Placement Cell will help the students in finding suitable summer projects and will also provide necessary guidance in completing their assignment. Students may be allowed to source a SIP on their own provided the project details meet the requirement of the Institute. In such a case, the concerned organization should provide a written communication to the Institute before a specified date confirming the project.