About Abhigyaan

ABHIGYAAN is an undergraduate national level fest. The flagship B-fest organized by SDMIMD, Mysore. It is held every year in the SDMIMD college campus with active participation of undergraduates from different colleges in India. The intention of ABHIGYAAN is to expose MBA aspirants to life in a B-school. ABHIGYAAN has been successful in branding SDMIMD in the minds of MBA aspirants as a prospective B-School to pursue management education.
ABHIGYAAN’17 is scheduled to be held on 5th and 6th October 2017. Participants have an opportunity to win cash prizes up to Rs. 1, 40, 000 and many more gifts and gift hampers.

General Rules

It is imperative that all participants arrive at the venue well in advance to the time of commencement of the event.
ID Cards are compulsory. In the event of a student not having a valid ID card, a letter from the college indicating that the particular student is a bonafide student of the institution.
Discipline is expected to be maintained by every member of the team, and any unacceptable behaviour will result in disqualification of the entire team.
Decision of judges will be final and binding in all respects. The same will be fair and unbiased in all respects and no query, investigation or inspection will be conducted no matter what the complaint is.
The accommodation facilities are meant to provide rest for the students. It is expected that no student indulges in any activity that would bring a derogatory name to the host college as well as the participating college. In any such event, the participant along with the entire team will be taken to task and strict disciplinary action will be enforced. The host college will however, not take responsibility for any untoward incident that takes place at the premises of accommodation. Any loss to limb, life or property will be the sole responsibility of the students involved and the college to which they belong.

Quick Contacts

Ikenna W
Mobile: +91-9980341657
Pruthvik PR
Mobile: +91-9740818205
Samiksha Patel
Mobile: +91-9535817790
Vaishanvi U
Mobile: +91-8971639324