Themes & Sub-themes

Manuscripts that seek to focus on themes and sub-themes given below are most welcome. Please note that these are only representative. Contributions on related studies within the realms of Economics, Finance, Development Studies & related areas are greatly solicited.

Institutional Framework for Inclusive Economic Growth

  • Banking & Financial Inclusion
  • Small Finance Banks & Payment Banks
  • Micro Finance Institutions and Inclusive Growth
  • Self Help Groups and Empowerment
  • Non-Government Organisations as Growth Drivers
  • Legal Systems, Intellectual Property Rights and Economic Prosperity
  • Digitisation & Growth

Environment & Sustainability

  • Green energy, Green Economy, Green Business and Green Computing
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security
  • Industrialisation vs. Environment
  • Sustainable Business
  • Renewable Energy for Sustainability

Emerging Challenges of Growth

  • Gender and Regional Disparities in Growth
  • Price Instabilities & Economic Volatilities- Inflation & Recession
  • Shadow Economy
  • Banking Crisis and Growth Impact
  • Crypto/digital currency
  • Climate Change & Challenges of Sustainability

Policy Framework for Growth

  • Fiscal Policy for Growth Stabilization
  • Tax reforms and ease of doing business
  • Growth Implication of Goods & Services Tax
  • Budget and Growth
  • Make in India, Skill India, Digital India, Smart Cities Initiatives
  • Monetary Policy & Economic Stability

Community Development

  • Poverty, Inequality & Unemployment
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Rural Credit, Rural Entrepreneurship and Inclusive Growth
  • Infrastructure and Creation of New Opportunities
  • Childhood Development, Education & Skill Development, and Transition to Work
  • Universal Health and Sanitation
  • Women Empowerment
  • Agriculture and Agri- Business

Global Dimension of Growth & Sustainability

  • International Trade and Economic Growth
  • Global Inclusion Practices: Lessons from Countries in Asia and Africa
  • FDI and FII: National Growth Perspective
  • Global Economic Volatilities and Impact on National Economies
  • Export-led growth & sustainability
  • Global/Regional Financial Organisations and Growth

Emerging Trends

  • COVID-19 & its economic implications
  • Economic slowdown
  • Geo-political impacts
  • Crude oil market and cost driven inflation