Conference Themes

The theme of the conference is

  • Transformative Leadership in Industry 5.0
  • Sustainable Business Practices and Social Impact (CSR)
  • Human-Centric and Inclusive Innovation

Transformative leadership in Industry 5.0 emphasizes the integration of advanced technologies with a human-centric approach, focusing on the synergy between human creativity and intelligent automation. Leaders in this paradigm drive innovation by fostering an inclusive environment that values diversity and prioritizes the well-being of all stakeholders. Sustainable business practices and social impact through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are crucial in this context, as they ensure that companies pursue economic growth and contribute positively to society and the environment. By adopting human-centric and inclusive innovation, businesses can develop solutions that meet the needs of diverse populations, promoting equity and accessibility while advancing technological progress. This holistic approach ensures that the benefits of Industry 5.0 are widely shared, leading to a more sustainable and socially responsible future.

Call for papers

We invite original papers/case studies related to the conference theme from academicians, industry professionals, research scholars, and independent consultants/professionals. The following are the detailed sub-themes which the authors may refer to while writing their papers:

Transformative Leadership in Industry 5.0

  • Impact of Transformative Leadership on Organizational Culture in Industry 5.0
  • Technological Integration and Human Capital Development in Industry 5.0
  • Ethical Implications of AI and Automation in Industry 5.0
  • Leadership Strategies for Promoting Sustainable Business Practices
  • Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility in the Digital Age
  • Measuring Social Impact of CSR Initiatives
  • Inclusive Innovation Ecosystems
  • Human-Centric Design in Product Development
  • Cross-sector Collaborations for Sustainable Innovation
  • Leadership Competencies for Industry 5.0
  • Impact of Digital Transformation on CSR Practices
  • Equity and Accessibility in Technological Innovation
  • Sustainability Reporting and Transparency
  • Behavioral Insights and Decision-Making in Sustainable Leadership
  • Policy Frameworks for Supporting Industry 5.0 and Sustainable Innovation

Sustainable Business Practices and Social Impact (CSR)

  • Green Supply Chain Management
  • Circular Economy Models
  • Corporate Governance and Sustainability
  • Socially Responsible Investing
  • Sustainability Reporting and Transparency
  • Employee Engagement in CSR
  • Impact Measurement and Management
  • Sustainable Innovation and Technology
  • Community Engagement and Development
  • Environmental Risk Management
  • Ethical Consumerism
  • Climate Change Mitigation Strategies
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in CSR
  • Sustainable Product Development
  • Global CSR Standards and Regulations

     Human-Centric and Inclusive Innovation

  • User-Centered Design
  • Inclusive Product Development
  • Accessibility in Technology
  • Social Innovation and Impact
  • Co-Creation with Communities
  • Ethical AI and Machine Learning
  • Diversity in Innovation Teams
  • Human-Technology Interaction
  • Participatory Design Methods
  • Cross-Cultural Innovation Practices
  • Equity-Focused Innovation Policies
  • Digital Inclusion Strategies
  • Gender-Inclusive Innovation
  • Innovation for Aging Populations
  • Human Factors in System Design
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