Conference Theme


The theme of the conference is Marketing in Turbulent Times: Challenges and Opportunities. The theme will enable the dissemination of knowledge among the researchers and practitioners, emphasizing the need for adopting successful competitive strategies in the present and future complex marketing environment.


With the backdrop of current challenging and dynamic marketplace, the objective of this two day ‘International Conference on Marketing’ is to provide a platform for corporate and academic professionals to share their knowledge and experiences on the difficulties faced by the marketers and explore the unique, creative, and innovative marketing solutions for changing times. The conference is expected to be a confluence of marketing minds, where there will be an active sharing of contemporary marketing practices required in a disrupted marketplace for the survival, stability, and growth of market-oriented organizations.


Conceptual and empirical papers in line with the conference themes are invited from both academia and industry professional. The following are the detailed sub-themes, which the authors may refer to while writing their papers:

  • Creative and innovative marketing strategies for challenging times
  • Understanding the traditional and new-age consumer behavior
  • Successful marketing strategies in the digital age
  • Role of technology in marketing – AI, AR, and VR
  • Significance of Agile marketing
  • Sustainability in marketing
  • Marketing for social change
  • Innovative marketing for rural consumers
  • Big data analytics for optimizing marketing returns
  • Ethics in marketing
  • Omnichannel retailing for seamless customer experience
  • Entrepreneurial marketing for growth
  • Marketing education in tough times

Research paper on any other topic related to the conference theme/sub-themes will be considered. Interdisciplinary research papers will also be accepted.