MDP on Accounting and Finance for Bankers – November 25, 2022


The program focuses mainly on junior-level finance and banking professionals, who are interested to update the fundamentals of finance and accounting. Further, the program acts as a crash course for certifications like Diploma in Banking and JAIIB.

Course Objective

After attending the program, the participant will be able to.,
• Use the Time value of money concept in day-to-day banking and finance functions.
• Evaluate project proposals using capital budgeting techniques.
• Analyze a bank’s balance sheet using crucial financial ratios
• Understand the disclosure requirements under new BASEL norms

Target Audience

Banking and Finance professionals (Junior level).

Faculty Resource: Dr. K. Riyazahmed
Mobile: 9790548895

Mode of Delivery: Offline

Registration Fee: Rs. 1,000

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