MDP on Design Thinking for Educators – October 20-21, 2022


Like business executives, educators also face complex problems and challenges in providing a greater learning experience to their students. The need for developing and sustaining innovative mindset is equally important for teaching and other academic professionals. This program fulfills the purpose through design thinking approach.

Course Objective

  • To understand the need for building innovative capabilities across the organization and to develop innovators’ mindset for solving complex problems in education
  • To explore the value of Design Thinking and its process
  • To gain understanding of various tools and techniques of design thinking and their applications in education.

Target Audience

This program is suitable to teachers and administrators of various educational institutions who want to bring academic excellence through innovative methods.

Faculty Resource: Dr. S. Saibaba
Mobile: 8248051063

Mode of Delivery: Offline

Registration Fee: Rs. 2,000

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