MDP on SIX Thinking hats and Management games for employee excellence

Brief Introduction

Gamification, as the term entails, selectively uses processes that bring out trainees natural instincts for competition, accomplishment, self-expression and conclusion when faced with a real-life problem in the form of a game. Games can be aligned to organizational tasks and observing how trainees play these games can help HR managers gain insights into job related behaviors. In the developed world, gamification and its potential benefits are well established, but in emerging nations, it is not so. This MDP shall help the participants to comprehensively understand the benefits and applications of Gamification, 6 thinking hats and story-telling.

The pro-active leaders believe in investing a considerable amount on employee training as it should result in overall productivity increase for the company. In spite of the considerable investment made by the companies on training, the perennial challenge has been the involvement and engagement of the trainees in training programs. Gamifying the training reduces the burden of sitting for a long time and listening to lectures which are mostly one-way delivery. In the employee training, there are numerous games that can be employed especially in the management arena.

Objective(s) of the Program

  • To provide insights on the nature and importance of Gamification and six thinking hats
  • To conduct a sample of games and provide interpretations on the benefits of those games
  • To share some popular corporate/management stories and providing tips
  • To construct effective live stories and
  • To share a few management games and for future implementation

Targeted Audience: Lower and Middle level executives

Faculty Resource: Prof. L. Gandhi & Dr. S.N Prasad