MDP on Six Thinking Hats and Management Games for Employee Excellence – September 23, 2022


This MDP is designed to provide insights on the nature and importance of Gamification and six thinking hats, to conduct a sample of games and provide interpretations on the benefits of those games, to share some popular corporate/management stories and providing tips to construct effective live stories and to share a few management games and for future implementation

Course Objective

To learn the nuances of Six Thinking Hats and know the effect of management games in employee motivation and performance

Target Audience

Lower and Middle level executives of corporate houses, Management Faulty Members and Corporate Trainers

Faculty Resource: Dr. L. Gandhi & Dr. SN Prasad
Email: &
Mobile: 9916122245 & 9741410540

Mode of Delivery: Offline

Registration Fee: Rs. 1,000

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