MDP on Value Co-creation and Decision Support for Industry, Manufacturing and Business – November 16-18, 2022


Value co-creation:
* Relevance of virtual co-designing and design software
* Examples of the best brands using 3D design software Day 2 and 3 Decision support and problem solving techniques for manufacturing and business:
* Data Analysis for Logistics and Distribution
* Inventory stocking using probabilistic, deterministic models (EOQ) and inventory scenario planning
* Fixed cost manufacturing of retail, clothing or apparel products and profitability maximization
* Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) and probabilistic models for equipment readings, measurements and testing
* Queueing models for work allocation
* Product mix range profitability for sellers

Course Objective

To focus on the relevance of brand management, IT and 3d design software for product brands, and decision support using problem solving techniques applied in business and the manufacturing industry

Target Audience

Engineering firms, small and medium businesses that are into product manufacturing, branding and logistics management

Faculty Resource: Dr. Balaji Gopalan
Mobile: 7073899154

Mode of Delivery: Offline

Registration Fee: Rs. 3,000

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