Conference Overview

As an indispensable activity of any business, marketing is a corporate philosophy and strategy focusing on building a sustainable competitive advantage in the long run. The heightened importance of marketing and the market-savvy approach of a firm centered not only around the profits through customer relationships but also exhibiting responsibility towards the society and environment. Today, marketers are under tremendous pressure to increase the return on marketing investment, through designing and implementing innovative and sustainable means of driving the top-line and bottom-line growth simultaneously. In the last few decades, the marketing activities of a business has been dynamically changing due to many factors including the globalization (de-globalization in few markets), economic crisis, technological advancements (Internet and mobile), industry convergence, social media, Artificial Intelligence (AI), global pandemic crisis, and global consumer culture and their dynamic behavior. Innovation has become ubiquitous in the marketing world. Marketing and innovation can accelerate the pace at which businesses achieve the long-term success and growth. The revolutionary developments of technologies have had tremendous impact on the way marketing is performed today. For instance, the traditional mass-media platforms like Radio and Television had helped marketers reach their target customers in large scale, while the modern technologies such as Internet, Mobile, AI, Internet-of-Things (IOT), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) etc. could create a personalized and immersive experience to customers. Hence, the technology is a booster to marketing performance. Next, it is considered that the use of analytical tools and techniques would provide a microscopic (deeper) view of market insights, such as customer segments, preferences, retention, churn etc., and enable smarter marketing decisions. Finally, the role of sustainability in marketing decisions is imperative and evolving in the last few decades. The modern marketers have started integrating sustainability into marketing strategies, by promoting the socially and environmentally responsible products, services, and practices.