Conference Theme

The theme of the conference is “New Age Marketing – Catalyzing Transformation Through Innovation, Technology, Analytics & Sustainability”. The theme will enable the dissemination of knowledge among the researchers and practitioners emphasizing the impact of innovation, technology, analytics and sustainability on the success of marketing strategies in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) market environment.

Call for papers

We invite original papers/case studies related to the conference theme, from academicians, industry professionals, research scholars, and independent consultants/professionals. The following are the detailed sub-themes, which the authors may refer to while writing their papers:

Marketing and Innovation

Value Chain Innovation
Product Innovation
Service Innovation
Innovation in Branding
Innovation in Marketing Mix Decisions
Social Innovation
Innovation during Crisis
Strategic orientation for Marketing Innovations

Marketing and Technology

Marketing Automation
Artificial Intelligence in Marketing
Gamification Technologies
Digital Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Mobile Marketing
Experiential Marketing
VR, AR, and Mixed Reality
Blockchain technologies

Marketing and Analytics

Data-Driven Marketing
Marketing Intelligence
Behavioral Analytics
Marketing Mix Modeling
Data Visualization
Predictive analytics
Natural Language Processing
Text Mining
Fuzzy Analytics Applications

Marketing and Sustainability

Green Marketing
Sharing Economy
Society and Sustainable Consumption
Sustainable Marketing Mix
Sustainable Consumer Behavior
Sustainable Tourism
Sustainable Branding
Sustainable Value Chain
Ethics in Marketing
Holistic Marketing