MDP on Leadership -Dimensions and Practice

Brief Introduction

Leadership dimensions are once again at the forefront of discussion and debate in management fora. This has been due to the fast-paced changes taking place in the business environment and the need for building organisations that can sustain these challenges. There are also public emergencies calling for a different approach. There is a recognition that managers must emerge as leaders in their own domain for responding to these challenges. This is a sector agnostic programme and is equally applicable to different organisations be they from corporate sector, public sector, government or not-for-profit category institutions.

Objective(s) of the Program

The objectives of this MDP are:

  1. To have insights into conceptual dimensions of leadership
  2. To understand issues in formulating leadership responses and facets of day-to-day leadership
  3. To introduce the Concepts of Dharmic and value-based leadership aspects
  4. To gain insights into the interface between leadership and society

Targeted Audience: Executives in General Management and Functional Executives assuming General Management responsibilities in near future. The program is sector agnostic. Relevant for business as well as non-profit organisations.

Faculty Resource: Dr. M R Suresh & Dr.S N Prasad