What is the Library working hours?

Library is open from 8AM to 11PM on Monday to Friday ;
Saturday between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM ;
Sunday 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM
For more information please visit 

Where can I find information to access the databases subscribed by Library?

The database search facility is available only on campus. Please visit http://imdkc/library for the information gateway to access the subscribed and archived database(s) of Library. To have the remote access (outside the campus) please send email request to library@sdmimd.ac.in

How to access the course outline, course material and e-Learning System?

The course related information, e-Learning portal, student attendance and policies of SDMIMD departments are available at Institute for Management Development Knowledge Center (IMDKC) portal. Please visit http://imdkc to access the same. 

Which are the other libraries that I can make use of?

SDMIMD has institutional membership with selected libraries in Bangalore. Please contact Circulation desk for accessibility and services in these libraries.

How can I recommend book, magazine, journal, AV material or any other content for Library?

Send your recommendation along with item information (Title, Author and Publisher) to library@sdmimd.ac.in 

Where should I mail my reference query?

You can send your queries to library@sdmimd.ac.in

How can I search Library collection?

Federate search facility is available to search the entire collection of Library. The subscribed e-Resources, Institutional Repository, Open Access resources, the bibliographical details of hardcopy collection are integrated to search under a common search window. The search facility is available at http://imdkc/library

Are there any guidelines/policies on library usage?

You can find the various guidelines/policies at "Community Info" in the library home page.