Libraries store the energy that fules the imagination.
- Sidney Sheldon

Library holds the collection focused on Management and allied subjects. The bend of print and electronic resources that include books, journals, databases, audio-visuals, CDs/DVDs, e-books, e-journals, reports, case studies, training manuals, etc are housed at Library. Library has adopted the Open Source, Open Access and Open Standard philosophy to provide the integrated approach to access the information resources. Library has updated its collection, policy and services to meet the information need of the user community from time to time. The resources housed at Library is the mix of electronic and print. The 60% Library budget is spend on procuring / subscribing the e-Resources including books and journals. The campus site license with premier publishers like Harvard adds to the the subscription. The print resources consisting of books, journals, magazines, micro-documents, newspaper, etc., are meeting the information needs of SDMIMD community.
The three floors of Library are spread over 5850 sq.ft. having 2 reading halls and resource housed at all the three floors for easy accessibility and arrangements.  Library offers access to current, global and relevant information in various formats to serve the information needs of the SDMIMD stakeholders. The strength of the library is its subscribed electronic resources and integration provided to the open access resources selected with due-diligence keeping in mind the need of the user community.  The colossal e-resource content and the subscribed databases are accessible from any networked computer within the campus. The integrated approach adopted to bring the integrated library system, digital library, subscribed e-resources and open access materials through a common search gateway has helped the SDMIMD users to a great extent.
Library Collection @ Glance
The strength of collection at Library is the e-Resources. More than 60% of the existing collection available to the users are in electronic form. 15 database(s) provided access to host of journals and abastracts; premier financial database; gamunt of Open Access repositories; and access to premier publisher sites like Harvard Publishing, Emerald, and other; are availalbe to the user for information access. Books, Journals, Magazines, Annual Reports, Special Publications and AV Materials which consititute the collection of around 30%. The Institutional Repository and Digital Library of Library provides access to the course materials, students project reports, contemporary reports, industry reports, student supportive materials,etc, which are carefully selected and archived to support the course curriculum of the courses offered by SDMIMD.