Micro Documents

Library has information policy to capture the digitally born materials in SDMIMD. Under this policy Library collects the Summer Internship Project (SIP) reports, Contemporary Issues (CI) reports, Socially Relevant Project (SRP) reports and Working Paper from the community and archive these intellectual output of the Institute in Institutional Repostiroy developed using Open Source Repository Software - ePrints. The hard copies are located in Micro documents Section for reference. 

SDMIMD organizes academic events like conferences, seminars and workshops regularly. The publications brought out in these academic events like conference proceedings, souvenirs, resource materials, etc, are archived by Library as a part of Institutional Repository collection in ePrints. These resources are available from 1995 to till date.

Respecting the confidentiality of the data of companies and academic integrity the Institutional Repository of these academic publications is made available only on Intranet.