Books are found to be most cLibraryulated items housed at Library. The collection of books in the area of Management and Allied Subjects available both in print and electronic form support the course curriculum and research activities of SDMIMD. Over 13000 books in print form and 2000+ electronic form are made available to the patrons as on date. The books recommended by the faculty and student community for Library, both from the core curriculum and non-subject areas are considered for collection. The collection of Library has received appreciation from the assessment & accreditation committees and from the scholars visited. Library collection (remove this word) has good collection of books in the areas of philosophy, fictions and non-fictions.
The collection is classified and arranged as per the Universal Knowledge classification arrangement framed by Melville Dewey. The integrated library system and the federated search facility help the users to locate a book, status of the book (available / borrowed / reserved / under process), provides link to access the associated / supplementary materials of the book like CD, DVD, guidelines, student resources etc. Further, the integration of digital library provides access to the eform of the book. 
Donations / gratis are also accepted if the collection suits the collection building policy of Library. Recommendations from external members are also appreciated. 
To recommend book to Library please send the details (Title and Author) to