Director's Message

Dr N R Parasuraman
Management education in India is going through a unique phase. B-schools in the country have been doling out programs with varying tenures and intensity. We have the conventional 2-year full-time program vying with several 1-year programs, part-time offerings and online courses. In such a scenario only the best of B-schools have the potential to thrive. It is a matter of pride and joy that SDMIMD has been able to withstand this pressure very well and what is more, has succeeded in standing out as a leading Institute.
Leveraging on the strengths of the parent Dharmasthala Trust, SDMIMD has lived up to the ideals of its mission statement and by a rigorous process seeks to bring out student managers who are competent in their subject and sensitive and value-driven in their approach. We teach them that means and ends are both important, and also that ultimately, only those who demonstrate responsibility to the society at large will truly succeed. 
For this purpose, we have a curriculum and offering which is revised year after year by a detailed process, resulting in these being contemporary and current. Students go through projects, cases and presentations in almost all the courses. To make them realise the connection between theory and practice we arrange several guest lectures by leading corporate executives. To discuss and debate on values we have specific courses on Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics. 
We are glad that all of this is bearing fruit. Our alumni have been acclaimed as the top performers in several companies. Recruiting companies have found our students sound in concepts and adept at execution. 
As we go into a new year, we seek the continued patronage and support of corporate entities in the placement process.
With best wishes,

Dr. N. R. Parasuraman