International Marketing Conference 2022

The 2022 edition of the International Conference on Marketing in Turbulent Times: Challenges and Opportunities was organized on January 27, 2022. SDMIMD and the Bangalore Chamber of Industry & Commerce (BCIC) jointly organized the online conference, attracting research and conceptual papers from academia and industry. 
The Chief Guest and Keynote Speaker Mr. B. R. Indushekar, Vice President – BCIC and Director – Group Real Estate, Volvo Group India Pvt Ltd., emphasized the need for rethinking and revisiting the marketing strategies in the current complex marketplaces and highlighted the need for ethical marketing practices in modern business organizations.
Dr. N. R. Parasuraman, Director, SDMIMD, released the conference proceedings in the form of a CD. He stressed the heightened importance of marketing function in the present complex business world during his speech. 
Earlier, Dr. S. Saibaba, Assistant Professor-Marketing, SDMIMD, and the Conference Chair welcomed the gathering and introduced the conference theme for the year 2022.
During the valedictory session, the dynamic and evolving nature of marketing and its increased value to contemporary businesses was discussed by Dr. S. N. Prasad, Deputy Director, SDMIMD. The distinguished speaker at the valedictory session, Shri C. K. Sabareeshan, Independent Director – BPL Ltd., highlighted the challenges and opportunities faced by the marketers in turbulent markets continuously, with a focus on critical issues such as a clear understanding of the dynamic state of customer expectations, the relevance of technologies (artificial intelligence) in the current market situations.