Vision & Mission

Vision and Mission
Our Vision Our Mission Our Credos

SDMIMD will be internationally recognised as a unique institution that has pioneered a philosophy of management education and governance that is Indian in ethos and character and global in relevance.


SDMIMD will create inspirational business leaders and entrepreneurs who will relentlessly pursue individual and organisational excellence with creative tenacity, intellectual maturity, and social responsibility

SDMIMD will advance management thinking and practices that draw upon the best of Indian wisdom, are successful in dealing with change and effective and inclusive in value creation for the individual and society.

We believe that:

  • Ethics and values are an integral part of cutting-edge competitiveness
  • Honesty and integrity are non-negotiable
  • Hard work and learning can and should be enjoyable
  • Passion, commitment, and the single-minded pursuit of excellence will make true leaders of us all

SDMIMD Promises

To students :
We will nurture, support, and inspire you to realise your full potential as a Successful leader

To organisations:
We will continually provide highly competent, motivated and committed talent with a yen for creativity and innovation

To society:
We will promote individual and corporate responsibility towards all segments of society aiming for dynamic and inclusive growth

To employees:
We will provide an environment for development that will enable you to achieve personal satisfaction, professional recognition, and an enhanced quality of life