Toastmaster Emergence 2015 @ SDMIMD

Emergence 2015, a training program for all Toastmasters (TMs) in Mysore was held at the Institute on March 8, 2015. Emergence is an education program & training platform aimed to help Toastmasters to hone their communication skills and prepare for upcoming contests. The half-day program hosted by SDMIMD Toastmasters Club, was attended by over 30 TMs from InfosysSPI, L&T, MYRA School of Business and Mysore City Toastmasters Club. The program included four sessions which were conducted by distinguished Toastmasters from Mangalore: the Divisional Governor TM Anita Cordeiro, TM Nivedita, TM Divyashree and TM Rajat Shetty
In her session, the Divisional Governor TM Anita Cordeiro, chalked out strategies that can be used for impromptu speaking. TM Niveditha focussed on three aspects of a speech: content, delivery and language. She demonstrated the effective use of drama in a speech to create a lasting impact on the audience. TM Divyashree elaborated on the rules and regulations to be borne in mind while participating in a contest. The last session by TM Rajat Shetty addressed various aspects that can help in effectively delivering a prepared speech. The program culminated with lunch at the SDMIMD Mess.