L Gandhi

Research Interest / Consulting Area
Emotional Intelligence, Performance Management, Team Building and Training & Development.
Courses Offered 
OB, HRM, Performance Management, Emotional Intelligence,
Talent Management & Training and Development
Positions held
Head–Department of MBA, SIMS, Coimbatore
Asst. Professor- KPRSB, Coimbatore, Asst. Professor-GIM, Coimbatore
Faculty Member- ICFAI, Hyderabad 
Also teaches/taught at
ICFAILEAD College of Management, Palakkad, Kerala
Dr. L GandhiM.A., M.B.A., M.Phil., UGC-NET, Ph.D
Associate Professor - OB/HRM 

Dr. L. Gandhi has earned his PhD from Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. His PhD is in Emotional Intelligence and Quality of Work-life. With an M.Phil. degree in Management, he is also qualified in UGC-NET in Management.  Also, he holds an MBA Degree in HR Specialization and an M.A. in Cooperative Management. He is a Gold Medallist in his PG Degree. 
He has 20 years of PG- Management teaching experience with B-Schools including ICFAI. He has written over 35 research papers and published in peer-reviewed journals including ABDC and SCOPUS-listed journals. He has authored a book “Performance Measurement and Reward Systems” for ICFAI University.
Besides, he presented papers at conferences which included the Academy of HRD, USA, PAN-IIM World Management Conference, and IIM Bodh Gaya’s International Research Conference. He has also attended Faculty Development Workshops in leading Management Institutes like IIM Calcutta, IIM Kozhikode, and IIM Trichy. As part of the Faculty Exchange Programme (FEP), he also teaches at the British University in Dubai (BUiD), Dubai. Dr. Gandhi received the Best Professor in HRM Award from the World HRD Congress, Mumbai.
As a resource person, handled sessions in MDPs, FDPs, and Student Development Workshops and was a part of consulting assignments in HR areas. To date, conducted training sessions for over 3500 Medical, IT professionals, and government officials which emphasized Personality Development, Leadership, Motivation, Team Building, Emotional Intelligence, and Six thinking hats. He is also a professional member of NIPM, NHRD, and an HR/IR panel member of CII Mysuru.


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International conferences

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Case Studies

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Newspaper Article

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