Abhijith Seetharam


Research Interest / Consulting Area
Climate Change Economics; Project Financing, Ecological Economics; Financial Instruments.

Courses Offered
Strategic Financial Management; International Finance; New Financial Instruments; Cost Management

Abhijith Seetharam, PGDM
Assistant Professor - Finance

Abhijith Seetharam is an Industrial Engineer with a post-graduate degree in Business Management. He also has to his credit Certificates of Excellence in project analysis and financial modeling. He has worked in a various roles ranging from being an Engineer at an “old economy” tyre manufacturing company to working as Project Finance Consultant at an infrastructure development firm to flourishing as a successful Operations Strategist at a large software services company. He is experienced in the areas of project financing, transportation economics, PPP structuring, top-down budget control, and design of strategy-to-operations execution, among others. His intellectual interests are copious and varied and encompass the study of Ecological Economics, Development Economics and Sustainability & Energy Economics, with analytical emphasis on macro-dynamics and trends.


Book Chapter

  1. Seetharam. Abhijith.(2013). Examining Effects of Climate Change Impacts on the Ramsey-Cass-Koopmans Growth Model. Contemporary research in management - II by Mousumi Sengupta and Nilanjan Sengupta [Compilers]. Mysore: Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara Research Centre for Management Studies (SDM RCMS), SDMIMD. [ISBN:978-81-922146-5-8].

Working Paper

  1. Working paper on Examining Effects of Climate Change Impact on the Ramsey Endogenous Growth Model,  SDMIMD, Mysore