Grievance Redressal Committee

Grievance means a complaint that includes any kind of discontent or dissatisfaction or negative perception, arising out of anything connected with institute that a student or parent or staff member thinks, believes, or even feels, is unfair, unjust or inequitable. Grievance is a wrong or hardship suffered, whether real or supposed, which forms legitimate grounds of complaint. At any instance of stay in the institute, the spectrum of issues that may bother one’s wellbeing both physically and mentally, that disturbs efficacy and any one with such undergoing is termed as Aggrieved.

The Spectrum may include –
  1. Physical assaults of any kind.
  2. Undue comments and gesture intended towards creating disruptive environment.
  3. Usage of any kind of slangs, etc.
  4. Any kind of plots towards harming the harmony of an individual.
  5. Propagating any untoward/misleading information on anyone with disruptive intension.

Grievant means a student, parent, staff member or group of students or parents or staff members submitting the grievance having undergone any kind of incidents caused by other elements of the institute that potentially disturbs normal mindset in the working pattern.
Causes for Grief
The causes of grief could be any aspect that prohibits an individual from performing to one’s full potential. The causes may include those that are explained earlier.
Grievance Redressal
While the term “Grievance Redressal” primarily covers the receipt and processing of complaints from Stakeholders, a wider definition includes actions taken on any issue raised by them to avail services more effectively in order to perform to their full potential. 

A Grievance Redressal Cell has been constituted with the following members:
Dr. (Lt Col) Prasad S N      
Director & Professor-Strategy & General Management
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Dr. Mousumi Sengupta
Professor - OB/HRM

External member: 
Dr. Geetha Mahadevappa

This cell will receive and dispose of all complaints and grievance cases brought to its attention.
For the purpose, online form has been provided in this website for enabling stakeholders to voice their grievances.  Upon receipt of this, the above committee will have a sitting and dispose of the matter appropriately.  In all cases, a written reply will be given to the complainant.

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