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Management Development Programs 2023
1st International Conference on Leadership 
SDM Institute for Management Development (SDMIMD) like to present the 2023 edition of Management Development Programs (MDPs). MDP 2023 is focused on changing demands in business and needs of professional executives. Over the years SDMIMD’s MDP is known for its Executive Education offering in different sectors at different levels in an organization.
The MDP 2023 will introduce the participants with the latest tools, techniques and skills in Strategic Management, Leadership, HR, OB, Marketing, Finance, Operations Management,General Management, IT & Analytics.
MDP 2023 is designed to meet the needs of the working professionals at all levels. The sessions are planned to take the participants from unlearn to relearn to enhancing the learning.

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Ms. Rekha Ganapathy, Program Co-ordinator
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Organizations of all types are looking for ways to produce successful outcomes. Robust leadership is the hallmark of any successful organization in all sectors. This argument continues whether leaders are born and made; it can be a mix of both. Leadership is one of the most sought-after topics in recent times. There are many definitions of leadership, and many leadership styles have emerged. Organizations or societies, or situations that need leadership. Many leadership styles have been successful in the demanding time, except for the current generation. They require the leaders to support rather than command them, and they want them to facilitate them to do their job better instead of controlling them to get their work done.
Some opinions about leadership are to create a healthy atmosphere and accept and cope with organizational change. Others note that change is an essential part of leadership. Leadership involves restructuring the situation, achievements, failures, crises, and changes, continually reshaping the experiences of the leader and follower; these experiences provide better exposure to the leader and his followers. Leadership is needed within the group as well as in a dyadic relationship. Administration cannot be separated from the context under which it is administered.
As organizations establish solid human resources departments and delegate more powers to leaders to resolve issues at lower levels of the organization, the changes were seen in the form of better results and growth. Depending on the nature of the industry and employee strength, skills, and compensation levels, the types of conflicts that arose always were in the employee working conditions, targets to be achieved, long work hours and resources available for work. Companies that empowered their team heads to resolve the various issues were seen to enable members to do more and motivated them to take on responsibility with assurances of recognition and promotions. A sense of pride that got installed in the minds of employees stayed for a long in the minds of the employees, and this motivated enough for employees to do more.

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Dr. Mamta Hegde, Conference Chair
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11th International Conference on Emerging Trends in Corporate Finance and Financial markets
The Indian financial markets have evolved significantly over the last few decades. However, the current global economic landscape presents numerous challenges that have the potential to impact the trajectory of these markets. The economic liberalisation has been one of the key drivers of the Indian financial markets apart from rapid technological advancements. Advancement in technology particularly in the fintech space, have revolutionized the way financial transactions are carried out in India, providing a more accessible and efficient platform for various market participants. The consistent growth of the Indian economy, coupled with a burgeoning middle class, has led to increased disposable incomes and a growing appetite for investments in equities, mutual funds, and other financial instruments. Global headwinds caused by rising interest rates across the world including in the U.S could lead to capital outflows from emerging markets like India, putting downward pressure on asset prices and currency. The ongoing geopolitical conflicts and trade disputes may adversely affect the global economy, and in turn, influence the Indian financial markets by hampering international trade and investments. While the Indian financial markets have shown remarkable resilience and adaptability in the face of global headwinds, they are not immune to the risks and uncertainties that stem from external factors. The conference provides a platform for a free-wheeling discussion on the aforesaid issues.
The conference is organized under the aegis of BCIC (Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce) – SDMIMD Centre for Management Excellence.

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Dr. M. Sriram
Conference Chair
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