Guest talk by Mr. VR Aiyappan

Mr. V.R. Aiyappan, Director of EVA Mera Funds Investment Pvt. Ltd, delivered a thought-provoking speech about financial careers on September 9, 2023. He highlighted his credentials, including an MBA, a CFA, and a FRM, while sharing his invaluable insights and personal journey in the finance industry during his presentation. The main goal of the discussion was to provide insight into the many career paths in the finance industry, as well as ways to continue improving one's skills after completing an MBA or PGDM. He gave a thorough description of the purpose and scope of several qualifications, including CPA, CFA, CFP, and FRM. Additionally, he explained the various job categories present in the finance sector, such as risk management, accounting, financial analysis, and investment fund management. The students warmly received Mr. Aiyappan’s presentation and actively engaged in the session by posing questions to him. This interaction not only added value to their understanding of the finance industry but also helped them comprehend the wide array of career prospects within the field.