Business Landscape for PGDM 2022-24

Business Landscape, a knowledge expansion exercise was conducted by the SDMIMD faculty for the students entering the Second Year after their corporate internship.  The week-long program from June 7, 2023, included the Effect of Geopolitics and International Strategic Alignments on Indian Businesses; Leadership; The Perils and Promises of AI: Navigating the Opportunities and Challenges; Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory & Creativity, Design Thinking and Innovation.
The faculty introduction was followed by the panel discussion by the group of students on the topics identified in line with the contemporary topics - Russian Invasion of Ukrain and the US- China Relationship: The way forward for India?; Leadership Challenges and Opportunities in a Changing World; Google vs. Microsoft: The Battle for AI Supremacy; How can developing countries take advantage of the window of opportunity presented by Industry 4.0 for technological upgrading and economic catch-up? & 1. Privacy and Data Ethics in the Digital Age, 2. Responsible Design for the Circular Economy
The Business Landscape Course was conceived and anchored by Dr. Prasad SN, and Dr. Mamta Hegde, Prof. Mohamed Minhaj, Dr. Anand Sasikumar & Dr. S. Saibaba participated actively in the course.