Talk on Unlocking Leadership Potential by Mr. Dharma Prasad

Mr. Dharma Prasad delivered an inspiring talk about unlocking leadership potential on July 13, 2023. He eloquently expressed that while automation may replace many tasks, leading and inspiring people will always remain a distinctly human endeavor and be in high demand. According to him, everyone possesses inherent leadership potential, regardless of their specialization or industry affiliation. However, the key lies in polishing this potential to let it shine brightly.
Drawing from a wealth of wisdom and personal experiences, he underscored the significance of family, friends, knowledge, and skills in navigating the journey of life. As he shared numerous insightful nuggets, he emphasized the pursuit of richness in various dimensions - be it financial wealth, meaningful relationships, purposeful actions, time management, or physical well-being. He rightly emphasized that finding the right balance in these different dimensions of richness can lead to genuine happiness and contentment in life.
To the students in the audience, he stressed the criticality of networking and building connections with others as an essential ingredient for success.