Social Scientist spoke on ‘Gender Equality and Sustainable Development’

Dr. M. Indira, Ex-Chairperson & Professor of Economics, University of Mysore was speaking to the delegates of the 5th International Economics Conference-2019 on the theme of “Economic Growth and Sustainable Development: Emerging Trends” November 15, 2019. Dr. Indira highlighted the interconnectivity between gender equality and sustainable development. She about three important reasons to link gender equality and sustainable development; firstly, the moral-ethical imperative, second being the disproportionate impact of environmental, social and economic shock on men and women and lastly, because of the growing evidence of synergy between gender equality and sustainable development. She further deliberated on how sustainable development has failed to consider the issue of gender equality to its fullest impact on economic environment especially in India. It is wise to avoid losses due to inequal opportunities by bridging the gender gap through acceptance and transformation, said Dr. M. Indira.