Unlocking Insights at Infosys Mysuru: A Transformative Industry Visit by SDMIMD

The industry visit to Infosys Ltd., Mysuru, was organised for the PGDM 2023–25 batch. The visit was designed to introduce our students to the essence of Infosys—its culture, values, and state-of-the-art facilities. More than just a tour, it offered valuable insights into the IT industry, project management, the role of a manager in the IT industry, and unravelling the intricate workings of one of India's leading tech giants. The visit was organised on November 20 and 27, 2023 (conducted in two batches).
Mr. Sundar K.S., Associate Vice President, Infosys Limited, emphasised the role of technology in business functionalities, especially in the era of artificial intelligence. Further, speaking on the role of a manager in the Agile model, he stressed the significance of co-working spaces and cross-functional teams and explored the Scrum methodology, highlighting collaboration for software development. Mr Sundar concluded with a powerful message on continuous learning and adaptability.
Mr. Biligiri Ranga, Operational Specialists, Infosys Limited, gave a glimpse into the history, culture, and products of Infosys. Detailed the Infosys Springboard, guiding students on navigating technical and business domains through this platform.
Dr. Meenakshi, Senior Consultant - Learning, Infosys Limited, shared insights into maximising the use of Infosys Springboard, advocating continuous learning through educational resources for industry readiness. Introduced internship opportunities available on Infosys Springboard tailored for management students.
Dr. Sunil M.V., Faculty - Systems and General Management, SDMIMD, Mysore, designed and coordinated the insightful industry visit.
The visit concluded with an awe-inspiring campus tour, presenting the remarkable infrastructure, cutting-edge facilities, and the green ecosystem of Infosys Mysuru Campus.