Invited Talk by Mr. Kumarpal M Jain

Mr. Kumarpal M Jain, Katariya Consultancy India LLP, Mysore, member of “Institute of Chartered, Accountants of India”, delivered a talk for first-year students of PGDM 2023–25 batch, held on July 11, 2023, as part of the Orientation Program 2023.
He set the tone of the speech by providing a glimpse of what a startup firm's motto needs to be. The interactive session continued with the importance of investing in start-up firms and how to identify a suitable start-up business. Mr.Jain gave a hint that a firm that can earn 16% and above on its capital employed can be considered worth investing in. He threw light on the sustainability of businesses, saying that a start-up that wants to survive and sustain the industry must focus on expanding the customer base and retaining them by providing what exactly they want within the scope of the business by customising the services as per their needs and expectations. He concluded that, at the end of the day, a business can survive only if it is consistently profitable and focused.