Talk on Corporate Finance by Mr. Nagi Rao

Students of SDMIMD were introduced to the world of Venture Capitalists (VCs) and Private Equity (PEs) for established businesses and in the start-up environment by Nagi Rao, Founder-Chairman of Austin, USA-based EqualizeRCM, on Jun 16 at the SDMIMD Auditorium. 
Highly informative talk centered around the structure of VC and PE funds, workings of VCs and PEs, their focus and expected returns while investing in a business, risk-reward expectations, different stages of the company when these institutions are ready to jump in with their investments, time lines of their investments, and aspects related to the nature of businesses and start-ups that are funded by the VCs and the PEs. He highlighted the High Risk – High Reward nature of these investments as well as how one big return on one investment can easily offset the losses incurred in investments made in other startups.
The talk was well received by the student audience with several questions to Nagi Rao. EqualizeRCM-India Chairman Bhaskar Kalale, Dr. NR Parasuraman, Director Emeritus of SDMIMD,  MD of EqualizeRCM-India Ashok Balaram, Dr. Prasad SN, Director of SDMIMD and Prof. Mohamed Minhaj, Chairman of Academic Programs were present during the talk.