Naissance 2024: A Platform for Excellence

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Naissance 2024, the flagship B-School Management Fest of SDMIMD, Mysore, kicked off with great enthusiasm and fervor. The event was inaugurated by Smt. Seema Latkar, IPS Officer and SP of Mysore District, alongside esteemed industry figures, setting the stage for a thrilling showcase of talent and innovation.
In her address, SP Smt. Seema Latkar emphasized the importance of platforms like Naissance in nurturing future leaders and bridging the gap between academia and industry expectations.
Dr. (Lt Col) Prasad S.N, Director of SDMIMD, extended a warm welcome to all attendees, paving the way for a captivating exploration of Naissance 2024's theme "Vanguard of Tech Multiverse." Throughout the fest, participants engaged in a series of competitive Management events, showcasing their strategic acumen, innovative prowess, and managerial skills.
Naissance 2024 witnessed an overwhelming response, with over 475 participants representing 42 colleges from across India. This remarkable turnout is a testament to the growing popularity and relevance of Naissance as a platform for academic excellence, networking, and skill development.
Throughout the event, participants engaged in spirited competitions, showcasing their talents and innovative ideas across various domains. After intense deliberation and competition, the students from Christ University, Bangalore (Bannerghatta), emerged as the winners of Naissance 2024, while St. Aloysius University secured the runner-up position, demonstrating their exceptional skills and strategic acumen.
Naissance 2024 concluded with a Prize Distribution ceremony for the winners and runners-up and all the participants. As the fest concluded, participants departed with newfound insights and connections, marking Naissance 2024 as a resounding success in the realm of management education.