'Banking Needs Autonomy and Governance', said Dr Narayan Kayarkatte, Ex-Banker

Dr Narayan Kayarkatte, Ex-Banker & Academician speaking on the topic of “Current Banking Crisis in India and Growth Implications” to the participants of the one-day Pre-Conference Workshop on “Development Banking and Inclusive Growth: Emerging Trends” on November 14, 2019, said that trust and bank go together. While there may not be any crisis in banking sector now, problems that exist today might affect the banking sector in future. He postulates two major banking issues. Firstly, recognition and recovery of loans, that is not happening, is the major issue to tackle. Secondly, mismatch between assets and liabilities is growing. He said that in order to overcome these problems, NPAs should be managed well with which Bank shares will increase. Talking about good governance, as Government is both the owner and manager of public sector banks, more autonomy is required to the banks.