Panel Discussion - Business Landscape 2024

The panel discussion on the following topics were discussed as a part of the Business Landscape course offered to the PGDM 2023-25 batch. The panel members were students from the PGDM 2023-25 batch.

Should the World See the Next Pandemic Soon? Ways and Means to Make Indians Stay Protected
Panelists Varshini, Chethan Shenoy, and Sridhar emphasized robust surveillance systems, healthcare infrastructure, vaccination campaigns, and outbreak prediction technology to protect India from future pandemics, highlighting international cooperation and environmental health.

Social Media: A Major Force in Shaping Opinions and Influencing Organizations; Is This Sustainable?
Panelists Aashik Gowda, Dipangshu Ghoshal, and Sudhanva Kashyap debated the sustainability of social media's influence. Aashik supported traditional media, while Dipangshu and Sudhanva favored digital media, discussing the future of both.

Is the World Inching Towards a Nuclear War? Suggestive Measures to Build Peace and Cooperative Existence Among Nations
Panelists Aashik Gowda, Shankar Sughosh Bhat, Shweta Singh, and Yogitha M U, moderated by Payaswini P Bhasri, concluded that nuclear war is unlikely. They emphasized peace-building and international cooperation.

AI: Employment Generation or Job Losses - Sustainability Tactics for Young Management Professionals
Panelists Kani Setty Gautham, Ritika Seth, Chetan Shenoy, and Shridhar, moderated by Dipangshu, agreed that AI will create more jobs than it eliminates. They stressed continuous learning and upskilling for young professionals.

A Generation of Cyber Zombies: Good or Bad for the Economy?
Panelists Ritika Seth, Dipangshu Ghoshal, and Helen Peter, moderated by Anmol Mahajan, discussed the economic impact of pervasive technology, balancing its benefits with potential drawbacks like job displacement and reduced social skills.

The US College Campuses: From Models to Attention for the Wrong Reasons; What Has Gone Wrong?
Panelists Helen Peter, Payaswini P Bhasri, Rajath M, and Anmol Mahajan, moderated by Sridhar, examined challenges facing US colleges. They discussed positive aspects and negative perceptions, including shootings, terrorism, and financial problems.