Mr. K P Pradyumna, Ex- Chief Lead District Manager Spoke on Banking Crisis

Mr. K P Pradyumna, Ex- Chief Lead District Manager, SBI, while speaking to the participants of the one-day Pre-Conference Workshop on “Development Banking and Inclusive Growth: Emerging Trends” on November 14, 2019, said that Indian banking is not in crisis regardless of what financial indicators are indicating. Talking on to the topic of “Current Banking Crisis in India and Growth Implications” he said that Indian banking system is strong, robust and can survive any type of problem it comes across because of the principles that banking in India has. He stated that NPA is a hurdle for development and regulatory provisions such as IBC, Sarfasi act etc are improving the situation. He strongly believes that microfinance will not sustain in long run as people in India still believe in savings than borrowing, and microfinance will survive temporarily until banks become sensitive to the rural masses.