Invited talk by Mr. Ravi Challu

Mr. Ravi Challu, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at WiseOwl Consulting LLP, addressed the students of PGDM 2023-25 and gave an insightful talk on Success mantra. He highlighted the importance of Self discovery of personal Goal & understanding of what makes the students happy in their day today life.
He urged them to introspect and find out their passion and work towards it in every moment of life. He has explained them to utilise the time to the maximum today to become successful tomorrow. He correlated that by giving an example of squeezing the lemon fully to get maximum juice out of it. He asked the students to value every second of their life today and live in every moment of it.
He summed up with key points of success mantra as:
Live life to the fullest today like you squeeze the lemon to get maximum out of it and develop a positive attitude for that. Self-reflection and working towards personal and professional goals in every moment of life is the key to success.

It was organized as part of the orientation program for the PGDM 2023-25 batch on July 12, 2023