ESG Talk by Mr. Santosh Gundapi

On September 1, 2023, Mr. Santosh Gundapi, the Chief Operating Officer of AT & S India, spoke to PGDM 2022–24 students enrolled in the ESG Modular specialization. In his captivating lecture, he stressed the crucial role that Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles play in today's global economy. The conversation was centered on the growing requirement to integrate sustainability and sustainable development into business plans, highlighting the emergence of ESG roles within the corporate landscape and the plethora of employment prospects they bring.
In particular, AT & S India highlighted its attempt to recycle an amazing 80% of the water needed at its Nanjangud plant to manufacture printed circuit boards (PCBs), demonstrating its strong commitment to environmental sustainability. The company's commitment to environmental responsibility and its efforts to reduce its ecological footprint are highlighted by this noteworthy accomplishment.
Additionally, Mr. Gundapi clarified AT & S's ambition to establish itself as a premier international provider of premium PCBs. This lofty goal demonstrates the business' dedication to technological advancement and to satisfying the rising need for dependable printed circuit boards on a global scale. With this expansion, AT & S hopes to significantly advance the technology industry while adhering to ESG principles and exemplifying ethical corporate conduct.
A model for other companies in the sector to follow, AT & S India's commitment to ESG integration stands as a beacon of CSR and sustainable growth. AT & S India is unwavering in its commitment to playing a significant role in assisting in the development of a more sustainable and responsible future for the PCB manufacturing sector in a time when such practices are essential.
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