Seminar on ‘Microfinance and its future in India’

Mr. Vittal Rangan, was the resource person for the Seminar on Microfinance and its future in India held on September 16, 2016 at SDMIMD. Speaking on the topic of the seminar Mr. Vittal Rangan said there is need for behavioural changes in India to bring financial inclusion which is currently as low as 36% and young managers should be introduced to microfinance industry in their course curriculum and sensitizing on responsible financing and role of microfinance in remittances, to make the situation better.  
Sharing his personal experience and success stories in Ujjivan, Mr. Vittal focused his talk on the role of microfinance in financial inclusion and its importance in economic growth of India. He explained in detail about the difference between microfinance and commercial banks. The talk exposed students to several dimensions of microfinance industry in current scenario.
During Q&A session Mr. Vittal called upon the SDMites to question themselves about their expectations from life and make their career in the fields they are passionate about and not to give in to peer or parental pressure.