Guest Talk on Business Analytics by Dr. Siamak Zadeh Professor

A highly informative and engaging guest talk on the importance of Business Analytics for today’s management scenario was delivered by Dr. Siamak Zadeh on 14th July 2023 in online mode. Dr. Siamak is a Professor & Data Scientist and Director of Data Analytics at the Ageno School of Business & Undergraduate Studies, Golden Gate University, San Francisco. In his talk, he delved into the key aspects of analytics, emphasizing its significance in the current world of big data and its transformative impact on organizations.
The audience gained valuable insights into the analytics process and its systematic approach. From data collection and cleansing to data analysis and interpretation, the talk highlighted the importance of a well-structured analytics workflow. Dr. Siamak shared real-world examples of how analytics has empowered organizations to derive value from their data and how it has led to improved efficiency, better customer insights, cost optimization, and enhanced overall performance.